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LED dog collars can be great for increasing the visibility of your pet - but I recommend using them in combination with something that's reflective (such as a harness or leash). Bright headlights can often overpower LEDs, which means they aren't as visible for people in cars.

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What to Look for in an LED Collar

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LED Lighted Dog Collar

Choosing an LED or lighted collar is the same as any dog collar - at least in most respects. It needs to be comfortable for your dog, durable, strong and easy to take on and off. With that said, there are some extra considerations:

  • Battery Size and Weight. Some of the brightest light-up collars have a large battery pack. This can weigh your dog down - and isn't likely to be comfortable for anything more than a quick walk.
  • Type of Light. LED collars are usually lit up around the entire collar. This provides an easy-to-see glow, but doesn't light up the area ahead. Other collars have a larger light at the front of the collar, which acts like a flashlight. This is great for seeing where you're going while warning oncoming pedestrians, but isn't as visible from all angles. The right option depends on your requirements and where you're walking the dog.
  • Sizing. As with all collars, it's important to get the right size for your dog. You should be able to fit two fingers between the collar and neck when your pet is wearing it. Some LED collars are sold in multiple sizes, while others have a single size but can be cut to the right length.
  • Waterproof or Water-Resistant. If you walk your dog in all weather conditions, at some point the collar is going to get wet. This could lead to a shock if the collar isn't designed to handle water. For this reason, look for a collar that's water resistant.
  • Illumination Pattern. Some LED collars flash or blink, while others provide a solid light. Flashing lights might be easier for people to see - but they can become annoying. This is a matter of personal preference, but make sure you know the pattern before you buy. Some collars have multiple options.

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