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Glow In The Dark Collar and Leash for Night Walking

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Taking our dogs out walking at night comes with all sorts of dangers.  There are many cases of dogs being hit by cars or bike as dogs can be extremely hard to see at night, especially if yours is a black or dark colored dog. That's why it is so important to have the best glow in the dark collar for your dog and your safety.

You may wish to make your dog more visible at night.  Some options include reflective stripes or flashing beacons attached to your dog’s collar. My favourite though is a good glow in the dark, LED powered collars and leashes.  

glow in the dark collar

Why use a glow in the dark collar?

Many of us take our dogs out after dark. Perhaps because you get home from work late or have to wait until it is cooler outside to walk your dog. Unfortunately when it dark out, your pets can be harder to see.

Even though a glow in the dark LED collar is a pretty cool fashion accessory, the purpose is most definitely about your dog’s safety. There are load of times that a glow in the dark collar would come in handy and make seeing your dog easier.

  1. Walking at night
  2. When your dog gets loose and is on the run
  3. When you are passing other pedestrians and cyclists
  4. Crossing roads at night
  5. Your dog sits under the table at your local cafe
  6. Camping or hiking

What makes a good quality glow in the dark collar?


How to use a rechargeable collar?

It is recommended that you have your LED collar fully charged and ready to go when you want to walk at night. Have the collar and leash charging close to the front door so that you can easily put it on anytime that you are ready to go. The LED collar can be changed out for your dog's regular collar on your return.

Some reviewers purchased two collars so that while one is being used, the other is being charged.  This may be the solution if you are wanting to have the collar on your dog more often and for longer periods of time. 

Best glow in the dark collar

Dog collar sizing and safety tips

When fitting your dog for a collar it is important to consider a few important factors:

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