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Let The Dog Wear A Traction Rope

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Let The Dog Wear A Traction Rope

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Not every dog can be willing to be tied up with collar and traction rope. Many dogs simply "don't move" after wearing collar and traction rope for a long time, unwilling to walk. So, before 4 or 5 months or so, the puppies start to contact and get used to the existence of the towing rope and collar before they are just playing all the vaccines. Give a dog collar, can choose a higher comfort nylon collar, tightness in order to be tucked into a finger can not directly take off is appropriate, may one morning the dog will adapt to the new stuff on the neck. Then, give it a traction rope.  

Take the dog to a more open place outside the home, put it down in the case of a towing rope, and walk up to 2 meters away and let it come. Do not force the dog to drag it, but call the dog's name and leg. At this time, the traction rope is relaxed. If the dog still doesn't want to move, it can gently pull the traction rope to encourage, and give it a snack to lure until it comes to the parents.  

At this point, you can pick up the traction rope and move slowly forward. At this time, the traction rope is still relaxed, and can walk slowly at the speed that dog can keep up. If the dog performs well, it can give a reward halfway. The training time is within 10 minutes and can be repeated two times a day for several days.  

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Through these training, can let the dog quickly adapt to wearing a collar and leash, need to choose according to the dog's physical exercise time in the training process, every day or the next day regular training, the place should be spacious, so you can relax in dog training, and when training is a little more patience and encouragement, let the dog in a warm environment to grow.  

Dogs in the process of growing up is still hope the owner can more encouragement and care, the dog will encounter a lot of problems in the process of growing up, maybe we don't think all the host may have been thought that the dog we have, not knowing the existence of hidden problems of dogs we are not found.  

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LED dog collars nylon comfortable material and protect the safety of the dog is your most comfortable choice!

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