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The Best Ways to Have Fun with Your Dog This Summer

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The Best Ways to Have Fun with Your Dog This Summer

Summer is the perfect time for having fun with your dog but safety needs to be a primary concern at the same time. Our aim at The Dog Effect is to make your dogs as happy and healthy as possible; be that through, fun, games, health or training. Dogs enrich our lives in so many ways, the least we can do is make their lives the best that we can. Spending time with your dog and taking your dog to new places and on exciting adventures provides your dog with new experiences to keep your dog both physically and mentally stimulated.

Things to Do with Your Dog

Enjoy the Water Together

Water sports are a great way for you and your dog to bond and enjoy yourselves together while getting some exercise outdoors! Stand-up paddle-boarding is something my dog - Tiger - and I particularly enjoy together. 

If you’re going to take your dog paddle-boarding, there are a few safety tips you need to bear in mind so that you both have a fun experience. 

Firstly, be prepared for every eventuality by getting your dog a life jacket with a handle. A life jacket may save your dog’s life if you accidentally get separated, and the handle is extremely useful for getting them back onto the board after a swim. 

A supply of fresh water is essential, especially if you are paddling long distances, and sunscreen is vital for pale-skinned dogs to avoid sunburn. 

Have a picnic with your dog

A picnic is another activity that you and your dog can enjoy together on a summer day. Shady parks, riverbanks and beaches all make ideal locations, allowing your dog some exercise and experience of new places. It’s also a great opportunity to get together with family and friends! Bake some doggy muffins or freeze dog treats inside ice cubes so your dog has some tasty snacks while you eat! 

It’s important that your picnic spot is shady and dog-friendly, and that you have sufficient supplies of fresh water and dog waste bags. An extra-long lead is also a good idea so your dog can explore properly. In addition, sand and bush areas often contain parasites, so make sure your dog’s flea and tick treatments are up-to-date. 

Stay safe and have plenty of fun with your best friend this summer! 

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